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Here’s a sentimental thing about art and Hetalia lol.

Whilst going to a fancy art school and being exposed to so much amazing artwork by amazing artists, one particular thought that creeps into my noggin’ is whether my artistic influences are ‘good’ or not.

And here’s where the fandom part comes in….

I realize that most of the fandoms I draw fanart of are widely ignored by alot of these more ‘artsy’ folks mainly because of stylistic & story telling choices and contradict everything of a western-disney-sort-of-aethetic. (coff*Hetalia)

I’ll just say it. Hetalia has brought so much joy ever since high school. Homestuck, Touhou and other animes still kick butt, but lets focus on Hetalia right now.

Oh. but the art style is so ‘simple’ and ‘bland. and there is no compelling ‘story’. Yes, No? Whatever???

Oh, but the characters The characters. That’s it. Their personalities and histories. The non-linear, erratic, wacky, jumbled up storytelling and endless canon (haha) that is beautiful.

Maybe it’s something about Himaruya’s way of showing simple character interactions that charm you so much you must spontaneously pace around your house to quell the sugar rush.

Or maybe it’s how they how there are beautifully portrayed in fanworks, shown as more lovable, more violent, more tortured, more deep than what the author actually intended, is that what really makes it? So much wonderful fanart burned into my mind, I swore to draw ‘as good’ as that when I ‘got older’. I still have a long way to go.

Whatever it is, I’ll always appreciate this comic/anime for providing me so much inspiration and love of drawing. Honestly I dont think I’d be at this amazing school if I never began doodling horrendous malformed chibtalias over my modern history book back in 10th grade.

Oh and it made me appreciate and love history more. Maybe that sounds like a reality-detached fangirl, but to me personifying nations only made you feel a little more attached to their plight. Its hard to describe. They are endearing, so you feel for them when they are losing a war, undergoing politcal upheaval, struggling through famine. All their pride and all their suffering encompassed into one person. Like in life, we all feel conquered and beaten sometimes. It just works, okay?

So my non sequitor conclusion is hold onto the things you love, whatever type of human you may be, artist or not. Don’t let someone tell you it’s shit because they are too narrowminded and lazy to see the good in something. Hah.

I dont really care if anyone reads this, just gotta put it out there. SEASON FIVE WHOOO


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