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Suika doing her thang.

Drew Medic & Heavy as a (belated) birthday present for a friend cause I know she loves them. Pencil, watercolor & ink.

kawaii-junkie asked: Your touhou genderbends bring joy to my life


I don’t even know why i doodle what I do. All that matters is that BACKSTREETS BACK ALRIGHT. 
I will continue to draw smokin hot 2hu genderbends till my dying day IT IS MY DUTY.

Silly stomping Okuu anim just to brush up on 2D. Don’t know how to get rid of those white pixels but meh.

What a bunch of shoobies. Another thing whipped up in time for Avcon, wooo!
Kuzuryuu doodle because I love him.

Subterranean Animism yo. The influence Lisa Frank had on my childhood is finally showing. 

Restocking after the first super busy day at Armageddon Wellington, and thought I’d share some of my many new designs. Haru and Jinx have been pretty popular heheh. Met lots of lovely people today, so thank you if you stopped by. Looking forward to another 2 days! \^o^/
got the song name wrong cause I doodled this during class ssshhh
col-erase, micron + photoshop.
Sassy Yuugi in that non-canon outfit of hers.
rainbow hair. (doodle or dyin’)
OTP. Inspired by this song
KeinexMokou doodle. Wish romance was as easy as it is to draw, haha.