awkward dragon floating in space

Some girl lost in the internet void. Here are doodles made by me. NSFW on a woobie level lol.
Touhou Project, Pokemon, Ponies, Dangan Ronpa, Saint Young Men, Hetalia, Full Metal Alchemist, + more random junk the further down into the abyss you scroll.
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OTP. Inspired by this song
KeinexMokou doodle. Wish romance was as easy as it is to draw, haha.
I draw Envy everytime i’m in a jealous or bitter mood, therefore ALOT. Most perfect character IMHO
look at all the fucks i give
double tenshi all the way across the sky.
you hear that. its the sound of me procrastinating. badly.
I’ll develop her laterrrr.
I JUST HAD TO. Cause I don’t think anyone gif-ed it before?  It’s such a cringeworthy, tear-inducing  scene. ;;;__;;;
pokes’. Papermate flair pens are the most luscious lovely things, gosh. For those that want hardcore, black-like-my-soul bold lines & can’t stand that ballpointy skritchy-finicky bs. YOU CAN FIND THEM AT WALMART. /pen rant
drew this right in front of the teacher hah.
Goondamn Tanooka. I’ll turn it something nicer when i have time
mask your sadness with anger.
…my baby girl, Donna.
Cause I love them.
Hahah my friends have a thing about drawing themselves as boys. Follow this blog, it’s hilarious, do it do it do it.
I never really embellished Victor or gave him personality, so here it is. Don’t mess with the yandere.