awkward dragon floating in space

Crazy, redheaded, Aussie/American who never stops drawing.
This is my messy, junky doodle blog. More proper tumblr is here
Touhou Project, Pokemon, ,Dangan Ronpa, FMA + more random junk the further down into the abyss you scroll.
NSFW on a woobie level.

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What a bunch of shoobies. Another thing whipped up in time for Avcon, wooo!
Kuzuryuu doodle because I love him.

Subterranean Animism yo. The influence Lisa Frank had on my childhood is finally showing. 
WIP Reisen design cause I haven’t uploaded in ages.  Lookat dem’ shiny highlights.  (She also happens to be the 2hu i’m cosplaying as this year, yeeeehh)

Restocking after the first super busy day at Armageddon Wellington, and thought I’d share some of my many new designs. Haru and Jinx have been pretty popular heheh. Met lots of lovely people today, so thank you if you stopped by. Looking forward to another 2 days! \^o^/
got the song name wrong cause I doodled this during class ssshhh
col-erase, micron + photoshop.
Sassy Yuugi in that non-canon outfit of hers.
rainbow hair. (doodle or dyin’)
OTP. Inspired by this song
KeinexMokou doodle. Wish romance was as easy as it is to draw, haha.
I draw Envy everytime i’m in a jealous or bitter mood, therefore ALOT. Most perfect character IMHO
look at all the fucks i give
double tenshi all the way across the sky.
you hear that. its the sound of me procrastinating. badly.
I’ll develop her laterrrr.
pokes’. Papermate flair pens are the most luscious lovely things, gosh. For those that want hardcore, black-like-my-soul bold lines & can’t stand that ballpointy skritchy-finicky bs. YOU CAN FIND THEM AT WALMART. /pen rant
drew this right in front of the teacher hah.